Lesotho Health Professionals Associations Coalition

Our Vision
A country where morbidity and mortality are significantly reduced, thus contribute to attainment of improved health status among the people of Lesotho.
Our Objectives
  1. To advocate for increased supply, absorption and retention of the health workers into the sector through incentivised programmes by 2020.
  2. To advocate for enhanced health service delivery for all through efficient financial absorptive capacity, good governance and upholding professional ethics.
  3. To advocate for advanced medical equipment and more specialised medical practitioners to curb mortality and capital flight.
Why We Must Join Together
The health situation in Lesotho is dire. Our health care workers are chronically understaffed and overworked, leaving many Basotho without the care they need and deserve. We must join together to advocate for smart and effective national health policies. Separated, our voices are small, but unified, our voices are strong.
  • Lesotho Medical Association (LMA)
  • Lesotho Nurses Association (LNA)
  • Qiloane Nursing Assistants Association (QINUASA)
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Lesotho (PSL)
  • Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist of Lesotho (AMLSL)
Health Overview of Lesotho
Percentage of people with HIV
Percentage of people with comprehensive knowledge of HIV
Time to nearest health facility